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You Are Not a Machine

You Are Not a Machine

Your personality can be out of balance and toxic or in balance and sustainable. One person’s toxic personality can be another person’s green personality - there is never one size fits all!

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Do you treat your self like a machine?

Modern society trains the individual in “machine-like” behavior. We are forced into one-size-fits all schedules, standards, ideals, and more that override our natural inclinations. Pushing ourselves in destructive ways makes us feel heavy and toxic with negative emotional side effects. The truth is that the human body is its own ecosystem with natural rhythms and balance. Real, sustainable lifestyle changes require an Ecosystem Approach™ that treats YOU with respect.
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Try treating yourself like an ecosystem!

To truly help, an approach must be adaptable to the different circumstances that life brings. The Ecosystem Approach™ is unique because it addresses YOU – the individual like an ecosystem with many parts in need of overall balance. We’ll give you the tools you need to not only find balance and sustainability in your life – but methods of clearing out negative, toxic emotions for when things get off track. Once you begin moving away from machine-like behavior you’ll begin to feel alive and happy!