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Your True Power Reside in the Gap Between Science and Religion

Science seeks to know the tangible world and the commonality in everything. Religion and philosophy seek to know the intangible world and its commonality focused on beliefs and doctrine. This leaves no place for the essential part that is individual and unique represented by essence (soul). The connection with essence is about human uniqueness that is essential to everyone’s life as an individual.

The gap is the study and understanding of the individual parts that represent the uniqueness of a human being. Without the individual part (essence or soul) we lose free will and our humanity because then we are all grouped together. It is from our unique essence that we can then connect with the universal parts of science and religion with integrity.

The essence is an essential part of life and plays a critical role in science and religion, but it is largely invisible and unrecognized. The study, understanding, and connection with essence are not one of commonality but of uniqueness. This uniqueness is a paradigm shift from both science and religion that seeks to understand and promote universal principles. Life and reality are based on the relationship between you and the world, not the world separate from you. Although there are basic concepts regarding essence, the connection and communication with individual essence is a unique process that is contrary to the paradigms of science and religion.

The Essence is a real thing and can be utilized and be beneficial to everyone.  But because it is intangible and elusive it becomes invisible. Most references to Essence are romantic and emotional and as a result, cannot be practical.  We have spent a collective 30 years helping clients learn how to grow and develop by working at the level of their essence. Our objective has always been to make the connection to Essence practical and useful in everyday life.  It is clear that making working at the level of Essence has practical benefits but also serves a greater purpose both for the individual but the world as a whole.

The Role of The Ecosystems Approach™

The mission of The Ecosystems Approach™ is to spearhead human transformation by reconnecting with the uniqueness of the essence or soul. The connection with essence happens via intuition and offers direction and support that is innate to the individual. It answers the question “what is the best course of action for me.” It is also the direct link to infinite intelligence, creativity, conscience, wisdom, and authentic free will.

Role with Science

The Ecosystems Approach™ does not interfere with science and its pursuit of knowledge in the physical world. However, it offers science the ability to embellish creativity, clarity, and conscience that comes from the connection with essence and the pursuit of resources within.

Role with Religion and Philosophy

Understanding and connecting with the uniqueness of the essence will support a better and more complete relationship with God. The pursuit of the connection with essence creates more clarity and a direct connection with the Creator. It aids the worship of God and the beliefs and values promoted by religion with more clarity. The Ecosystems Approach™ seeks to never interfere with someone’s religion but only to enhance their connection via essence.

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