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Reduce Stress With a Green Personality

In our Ecosystem Approach™ program we use the term “Green Personality” in a much different way than you would think!  Normally, when we think about being “green” we think of a person who pursues natural, organic, and sustainable methods and living for a healthier environment! Most people who consider themselves green are advocates of a more natural world.  We define a Green Personality as someone whose personality, thoughts, feelings, and physical nature are green in a way that is natural, healthy and sustainable for them personally. It is not about how they treat the world around them it is about how they treat themselves! Many people have personalities that are not derived from that is natural and organic to themselves but are contrived and programmed to be something molded to achieve objectives but incurs great cost and deficits for the whole person.

Many people come to us with a programming mindset.  “This is bothering me and I want to fix it.” We see ourselves as machines or robots that need to be fixed.  The problem with this is that it is contrary to how we are designed and function. The need to “fix ourselves” is based on the idea that our behaviors need to meet a standard and when we don’t there is something wrong with us.  This programming approach to our personalities can be very shaming and toxic. Treating ourselves like a machine or robot produces toxic effects and is very harsh.  It is not sustainable, natural or effective.  But for most of us, it is the only way we have been taught. We believe that we have no choice but to program ourselves because if we don’t we will not achieve our objectives which will lead to failure and worse!

The root cause of stress is pushing and driving ourselves in ways that are not natural or organic to our personality – the opposite of a green personality.  We have been taught that stress is the result of something happening outside of ourselves, like sitting in traffic or demands of your job, or family problems, however, the truth is that stress is subtle energy and is the result of pushing and driving ourselves like robots.  If we didn’t have to be sitting in traffic the energy of stress would remain and would just find another way to express itself.  A green personality would be constantly reducing their stress levels.

Rather than use strategies and techniques that are types of programming that we would use on a robot, some who are learning to have a more green personality would use subtle energy techniques to remove negative emotions and behaviors.  Negative emotions and associated behaviors are really subtle energies and working with them directly is far more effective than programming. With programming, we see our negative emotions and behaviors as something we “game” or try to outsmart!  We do this by ignoring them, suppressing them or distracting ourselves from them but they continue to act upon us just in a more unconscious way.  A green personality works on removing negative energies rather than program themselves to act like they don’t exist.  That might work for a robot but not for a human being.

The way we motivate and talk to ourselves is often based on learning that is a form of programming and force.  It is harsh and abusive the way we drive ourselves, push ourselves and use will-power and self-discipline to achieve objectives.  The toxic effects of this type of programing are epidemic and widespread!  We see heart disease, cancer, and all types of stress-related diseases as well as numerous personality disorders all related to these toxic side effects.  These toxic emotions are subtle energies and can be removed using subtle energy techniques that we use in our Ecosystems Approach program™.  These techniques are never shaming but also very effective.  They are a direct way to go to the heart of an issue and make real change.

The fear is that without driving and pushing ourselves we would not be “motivated” to achieve anything and would be reduced to laziness and paralysis.  This is not true but it is an illusion that has been repeated and reinforced over and over again by society, our parents and our culture.

The little known secret, that someone with a green personality understands, is that our authentic self has the power, talent, and effectiveness that could never be uncovered with toxic discipline and drive.  Those authentic parts of ourselves don’t need to be “motivated or disciplined”. When we are connected to this authentic part our green personality nurtures our own talents and abilities and we can’t help but wake up motivated and ready to express ourselves in the world.  Anything that we want to do in life is better if we apply the power of our authentic self.

If you choose to develop a more green personality you would notice how you talk to yourself, techniques you use to motivate yourself and would begin to listen to how you feel and respond in reasonable ways.  Having a green personality requires a different approach in the way and takes time to transition from a programming mindset to one that is more natural. However, the benefits are significant and once people start to feel the effects of a green personality they never want to return to the old way.

There is no standard or scale to determine a Green Personality versus a toxic robotic personality however, for those who are aware of such things the serious cases are pretty easy to identify.  Our training is to behave like a machine, we are supposed to act to a standard and if we don’t meet the standard (shame) we are taught to reprogram ourselves to behave better. Many who read this will consider the traits of Green Personality and seek to reprogram themselves to act greener but it is impossible to fake or acts like you have a green personality.

We train robots to be more human and humans to be like robots but we never help humans to be more human.  Humans being human is where all the power talent, creativity resides. It is the greatest untapped potential in the world today!!

Pursuing a green personality reduces stress and allows the possibility of greater performance.  There are no downsides. However, there is a transition period that is unique to each individual. If you’re ready to start on the path to a green personality sign up for The Ecosystem Approach where we give you the support needed!

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