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Natural Leadership

Natural Leadership training teaches students to connect with the natural, organic part of themselves to unleash potential, knowing, clarity and power! Releasing human potential at this level is largely unknown today.  It is a unique approach to connect and understand the authentic self for practical and profound results.

Natural Leadership is not exclusive to business and political applications but is for everyone because it always begins with self.  The authentic self is an overlooked powerhouse of insight and potential and is the source of Natural Leadership and is perfect for all types of applications. Self-actualization and self-fulfillment always start with self-knowledge and alignment with the authentic parts of ourselves.

Natural Leaders possess a conscious awareness of themselves that creates a vision for an activity in the world that inspires passion. This passion is so great that others see their intersecting vision and choose to follow. This choice to follow is an energy that connects to the authentic part of each individual and is not easily corrupted by clever marketing or other messages that seek to enslave or reduce free will!

Traditional leadership training focuses on programming, discipline, competition, and force that are counterproductive and lead to burnout, depression, illness and lack of fulfillment.  These methods are commonly accepted but are not natural or organic to the way human beings are designed. They create leaders that are imbalanced, deeply flawed, and become disconnected from their own humanity.  In addition, they have a bias toward male energies and interfere with female leadership potential.

Natural Leadership sets you on a path to infinite, sustainable growth.  Common leadership programs teach methods and processes that are not sustainable and lead to burnout, health problems and don’t have the capabilities required for modern leadership.  Leadership today requires keen insight into self, into others and the human condition. It requires team building and a collaborative approach that at its root is an energy that cannot be faked or be the result of superficial self-promotion.  Many use buzz words to promote their own leadership but they hide their true motivations like greed, lust for power and selfishness. They are always competing with others whose performance may challenge theirs in the future. This type of fake leadership can eventually be seen and breaks down over time! Natural Leaders need other Natural Leaders to be successful and seek to promote this type of leadership within their group.  By its very nature, it is more democratic and reduces hierarchy versus a more dictatorial and top-down approach.

Natural Leaders have a Green Personality that is sustainable, renewable, and organic. Through these natural resources lies the capability to access infinite intelligence, creativity, wisdom, and power. These resources are so dynamic and robust they are difficult to imagine in today’s world.

It is not a course to be taken but a lifelong process that continues to return benefits as one ages.

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