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Daily Wellness: Going Home Meditation #5.3

This meditation was designed to help people turn off from the stresses and issues of work so they can be present at home with family and not have the work talk in their heads.

Meditation / Parenting / Relationships

Daily Wellness: Mid-Day Meditation #4.3

This meditation is for the middle of the afternoon when you start to feel sluggish. This one is created for those who have a very busy workday and need to recharge by…

Job Choice/Occupation / Meditation / Work/Money

Daily Wellness: Wake Up Meditation #3.3

This is a waking and walking meditation (who has time to sit in the morning??). The most important thing you can do is set the energy of the day by first clearing…

Health / Meditation / Self Healing

Everyone’s Angry – Do You Know Why? #215

Will Smith slaps the host on the Academy Awards, we’re still having mass shootings, and everyone seems angry! Are you angry? Are angry feelings creating into your daily life? Experts blame the…

Life/Culture / Radio Show / Self Knowledge

Creating a 3D Mind in a 2D World! #213

We have been taught to think in a 2D manner. What is the problem and what is the solution to that problem? Focus on what you want – your objective! We’ve heard…

Evolution/Energy / Radio Show

Body Image for Women – A Unique Approach #210

Many immediately think about being overweight, but often we can be skinny and still worry about a particular part or attribute. We see that you can “hate” any particular part or characteristic…

Radio Show / Relationships / Self Knowledge / Sex

Starseed Love Story! #207

There is a love story that is little known but the most important one you may ever hear! This story is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Evolution/Energy / Love / Radio Show / Relationships

Make Next Year Better #201

This New Year, we’re work with energies so you all can create the best foundation for a new year that has to be better than the last one.

Life/Culture / Radio Show

Life – Without Strings #199

Most people are implementing their life according to the definition of insanity: “Doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.”

Evolution/Energy / Life/Culture / Radio Show

Caregiving – An Energy Approach: Part 1 #197

Whether you’re taking care of someone at the beginning of life or at the end of life, we have a way to help you that you haven’t heard before.

Evolution/Energy / Health / Life/Culture / Radio Show / Specific Health Conditions

Aging In The Age Of Aquarius #190

In the energy of the Age of Aquarius your age will take on a much different significance! If you have anxiety about turning 20,30,40 or any other age you have to change your perspective.

Evolution/Energy / Health / Radio Show

Want Success? Try This Approach! #187

We are told that being a hard-charging individual is the way to success. Is there a way that is more natural to the way humans are designed?

Business / Life/Culture / Radio Show / Work/Money

Earth Day – Part 1: Unbelievable Perspective! #164

As Intuitives, we see there is a major misunderstanding that is the primary interference with the progress we need to save our earth. This misunderstanding is significant and primary to the problems we have with climate today!

Evolution/Energy / Life/Culture / Radio Show

Dreamers – The Advantages You Have! #163

I’ve always been a dreamer and I’ve always been judged, criticized, and discredited for it! As Intuitives, we know the value of imagination and daydreaming! If you feel shameful and unworthy because you’re a dreamer – you have to listen to this show!!

Life/Culture / Radio Show / Self Knowledge

Loyalty and Commitment #162

Are loyalty tests and requests for commitment part of the best of us or the worst of us? In this show, we’ll talk about the one real loyalty and commitment needed in this life!

Evolution/Energy / Life/Culture / Radio Show / Relationships

UFOs Exist – Now What? #160

We have seen so much information trying to prove that UFOs exist, but what if they do? As Intuitives, we will talk about the existence of UFOs, why you’re interested, and what you can do!

Evolution/Energy / Radio Show

Enslavement – The Dark Energy That’s Everywhere! #159

Energies of enslavement are everywhere, know no bounds, and aren’t limited to any economic level or group. As Intuitives, we have seen enslavement energies increase and be more prolific. They are everywhere! We discuss how to identify them and what to do!

Evolution/Energy / Life/Culture / Radio Show / Relationships

Business Secrets You’ve Never Heard! #158

Many business intangibles are energies – like success, reputation, teamwork, effectiveness, and credibility. The biggest misconception is that you can create these energies with specific actions, but we have a different and more direct way!

Business / Job Choice/Occupation / Radio Show / Work/Money

Your Greatest Power – The Life Force! #157

The Life Force has infinite power to be flexible and adaptable – overcoming many barriers and blocks! It is your greatest power that is largely dormant in today’s programmed world! You can use these capabilities to empower your life!

Evolution/Energy / Radio Show / Self Knowledge

Buddy Clearing – Create Amazing Friendships #154

Buddy Clearing is a way to apply The Ecosystem Approach™ in a very practical way to cement and deepen friendships! We will lay out the benefits, and the how-to for Buddy Clearing!

Business / Business Partnerships / Radio Show / Relationships

Love of Leaders – Healthy or Toxic? #153

When everyone is programmed, it creates a demand for leadership that becomes increasingly dark and toxic. We’re going to introduce a new leadership idea based on evolved consciousness that comes from The Ecosystem Approach™.

Business / Life/Culture / Major Business Decisions / Radio Show

Ultimate Love #152

As someone who loves adventure, the ultimate adventure is the inward journey toward self-love! And it’s not always rainbows and unicorns.

Life/Culture / Radio Show / Self Knowledge

COVID Update – Vaccine or No? #151

There are different opinions centered around alternative medicine and anti-vaccine philosophies! We have a viewpoint that you haven’t heard!

Health / Radio Show / Specific Health Conditions

Intuitive Couple #148

In this show, we’ll tell all the stories/struggles that led us to create The Ecosystem Approach and how we’ve rejected many of the common ways Intuitives work!

Evolution/Energy / Life/Culture / Radio Show

Predicting the Future #147

We’ve always told our clients that we do NOT predict the future. But using intuition, what can you see/what should we all know about the future?

Evolution/Energy / Life/Culture / Radio Show

Be Part of The Word Reset! #146

How do you interact with a crazy world? How do you thrive when it seems like there is dysfunction all around? This show could change your life!

Evolution/Energy / Radio Show

A New Way to Do Christmas #145

Many of us expect feeling good and happy at this time of the year but you can’t trust that those good feelings will be present… unless you apply The Ecosystem Approach.

Life/Culture / Radio Show

Happy Birthday to All Sagittarius! #141

We’re going to talk about Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter. Patricia and Jason have channeled the energy of Jupiter and will show you how to use that energy!

Evolution/Energy / Radio Show

Divided Country – What Is the Real Cause? #140

Many pundits are giving reasons for our divided country, but all the ones I’ve heard are really just guesses! We have a unique view of the root cause and real solutions that you can take to help make this a better world.

Life/Culture / Radio Show

The Energy of Diets – Shocking Information! #139

If you’ve ever tried to implement a diet and it didn’t work, the flaw was due to the “energy of your diet!” The focus should be on the energy of the diet, and you and your energy. Here’s a really interesting perspective on diets and how to make them work for you!

Health / Radio Show / Weight Loss

Learning At All Ages & Via Video #132

Learning (especially during a Pandemic like the Coronavirus) in isolation, through video, and with parents as teachers’ assistants can be difficult all around. The blocks to learning and focus are energies that can be Cleared!

Life/Culture / Radio Show

Once Upon a Time – Part 5: True Evolution #126

Most self-help and self-improvement is basically formulas, methods, and forces you to change the way you think and act. NO! That doesn’t work because it is not the way humans are designed!

Evolution/Energy / Radio Show / Self Knowledge

Once Upon a Time – Part 2: Knowing Self #123

How many times have you heard, “follow your soul, it knows the way!” If you ever wanted to follow your soul, in ways that are useful and practical, you have to listen to this show.

Radio Show / Self Knowledge / Start Here

Once Upon a Time – Part 1: There Was You #122

Was there a time in your life where you were full of possibilities! Maybe you felt you were here to do something special? What happened to that time and feeling?

Evolution/Energy / Radio Show / Self Knowledge / Start Here

Energy Of Racial Division #116

The killing of an African-American man by police is a reflection of the serious problem of racial division in our country. What is the energy that creates this prejudice and division?

Life/Culture / Radio Show

Coronavirus Hand Washing

Clear, have FUN, and get rid of fear and a victim mindset from the coronavirus all while washing your hands along with us!

Clearing / Coronavirus / Health / Specific Health Conditions

Coronavirus Move 1

Release and let go of any and all negative energy associated with the current coronavirus pandemic and get rid of your victim mindset with this Move!

Coronavirus / Health / Move / Specific Health Conditions

Coronavirus – Part 4 (Clearing Only)

Let’s Clear away the anger, fear, victim energy, hopelessness, and other negative energies associated with the coronavirus.

Clearing / Coronavirus / Health / Specific Health Conditions

Coronavirus – Part 3 (Clearing Only)

Let’s clear away all barriers to doing effective, practical energy work rather than working like a machine and relying on superstition.

Clearing / Coronavirus / Health / Self Healing

Coronavirus – Part 2 (Clearing Only)

Do you have the coronavirus? Are you afraid you’re going to get it? This Clearing addresses all of those negative energies impacting you right now!

Clearing / Coronavirus / Health / Specific Health Conditions

Coronavirus – Part 1 (Clearing Only)

It’s time to Clear your susceptibility to the coronavirus by working with the energy of the situation. We’ll walk you through it!

Clearing / Coronavirus / Evolution/Energy / Health / Self Healing

The Ecosystem Approach – We Changed Our Name, Here’s Why! #102

We’re removing the “Living Lighter” from our name, and it’s becoming The Ecosystem Approach. In this show, we’ll explain why this represents the most amazing advancement in human growth and achievement ever! If you ever pursued self-improvement or just wanted to make yourself a better person, you absolutely cannot miss this show.

Evolution/Energy / Radio Show / Start Here

Being Married – Conventional Wisdom Is Often Deeply Flawed #100

We will talk about how to be happily married with full realization that most marriages are dead and boring and lack real life. This is a result of our programming culture where we focus on objectives and accomplishments rather than emotional well-being. You can have both with The Ecosystem Approach! Also, we’ll talk about specifics things you can to invigorate your marriage!

Marriage / Radio Show / Relationships

Toxic People – How Energy Works In Relationships! #94

Toxic people and toxic relationships are everywhere! We always get questions about what to do with those people in our life who take our energy. As Intuitives, we have really good insight into energy takers and how toxic people and relationships work!

Radio Show / Relationships

Change Yourself Change The World – Part 2 #93

Are you frustrated by the state of the world today? Two amazing Intuitives will expose the root cause and real solutions that they will do with the audience during the show. You don’t have to be a victim to this craziness!

Evolution/Energy / Radio Show

Change Yourself Change The World – Part 1 #92

Are you frustrated by the state of the world today? Two amazing Intuitives will expose the root cause and real solutions that they will do with the audience during the show. You don’t have to be a victim to this craziness!

Evolution/Energy / Radio Show

Good Feelings – Natural Ways To Feel Better For the Holidays! #91

There are many techniques to feel good but they are not natural and organic to the way humans are designed. Most importantly, they don’t last. We will help you feel good in this show using ways that are natural and sustainable! Use this show help you feel great for the holidays!

Life/Culture / Radio Show

Mind Versus Heart – Are They In Conflict? #90

Facts versus Intuition, are they at odds? Are they mutually exclusive? In our politics we’ve seen that science has been blocked, discredited and ignored. We have a President who ignores factual information in favor of his gut or intuitive beliefs. His base has attributed almost holy reverence to his gut and intuitive beliefs that are the underpinnings of his leadership. How do facts and intuition compare and work together. Serious thinkers and feelers have to listen to this show!

Evolution/Energy / Radio Show

Obsessive Compulsive Behaviors – There Are Natural Solutions #89

Many people have mild Obsessive-Compulsive behaviors that get in the way of daily living. We will talk about what they are and how they harm us and natural ways to eliminate and reduce them! Chances are that this affects you or someone close!

Health / Life/Culture / Radio Show / Specific Health Conditions

Dogs And Cats – How Does Energy Affect Them? #77

Dogs and cats have a soul and consciousness that is very supportive of their humans. We will share our insights about these amazing creatures and help you with understanding how to connect with these important members of your family.

Life/Culture / Radio Show

A New Approach To Happiness #1

Jason and Patricia will be talking about happiness from a totally different perspective. If you ever wanted to be happier, you have to listen to this show.

Life/Culture / Radio Show

Introductory Meditation

Ecosystem Approach™ help you address a specific topic in your life so you can meditate with a specific overall purpose. This FREE meditation addresses self.


Introductory Clearing

In each Clearing, we’ll get rid of negative energies by blowing them into the “processor” – and invite new, positive energies by activating our Life Force.


How to Clear

Welcome to this simple video on How to Clear. Clearings are an energetic process to remove negative energy from YOU! Try it along with us!


Introductory Move

Come on and MOVE along with us! Moves are meant to be done several times throughout the day while you’re going about your daily routine.