The coronavirus has been characterized as a global pandemic and is affecting our lives, jobs, incomes, family, schools, and HEALTH. Many of us are stuck at home feeling scared, lonely, and helpless. So what can we DO about it? This is your answer!

The Coronavirus is Everywhere! What Can I Do?

Many people are concerned about the coronavirus and medicine/science has no real solutions: treatments, cures, or vaccines. Prevention involves a level of sanitation that is difficult even in a hospital setting. So what is the average person to do?

The Ecosystem Approach™ has solutions that anyone can implement – including you! No one can claim guaranteed immunity to any germ or illness, but after 20 years of experience, we know that taking an energy approach to your individual ecosystem is always beneficial.

As Intuitives we see that the coronavirus is a response to the unhealthy ecosystems we have individually and collectively. Now is the time to apply energy work to this difficult situation. This show is about taking real action!

If you want help with prevention, healing (if you’ve contracted the virus), or working on the waves of fear, panic, hopelessness, loneliness, and other difficult emotions associated with the coronavirus – The Ecosystem Approach™ does it all!

It’s not just about the coronavirus.

This section is a “pop-up” shop specifically designed to address the coronavirus with practical steps you can do right now! But guess what? The principles of The Ecosystem Approach™ apply to any topic in life! We always work with the energy of your situation – no matter the topic. Join our program today to start finding relief for any circumstance in your daily life.

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Coronavirus Part 1

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Many people are concerned about the coronavirus and medicine/science has no real treatments, cures, or vaccines. So what is the average person to do? We’ll discuss just that in this Radio Show!

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Coronavirus – Part 1 (Clearing Only)

It’s time to Clear your susceptibility to the coronavirus by working with the energy of the situation. We’ll walk you through it!

Clearing / Coronavirus / Evolution/Energy / Health / Self Healing

Coronavirus – Part 2 (Clearing Only)

Do you have the coronavirus? Are you afraid you’re going to get it? This Clearing addresses all of those negative energies impacting you right now!

Clearing / Coronavirus / Health / Specific Health Conditions

Coronavirus – Part 3 (Clearing Only)

Let’s clear away all barriers to doing effective, practical energy work rather than working like a machine and relying on superstition.

Clearing / Coronavirus / Health / Self Healing

Coronavirus – Part 4 (Clearing Only)

Let’s Clear away the anger, fear, victim energy, hopelessness, and other negative energies associated with the coronavirus.

Clearing / Coronavirus / Health / Specific Health Conditions

Coronavirus Move 1

Release and let go of any and all negative energy associated with the current coronavirus pandemic and get rid of your victim mindset with this Move!

Coronavirus / Health / Move / Specific Health Conditions

Coronavirus Hand Washing

Clear, have FUN, and get rid of fear and a victim mindset from the coronavirus all while washing your hands along with us!

Clearing / Coronavirus / Health / Specific Health Conditions

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