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Be Your Own Guru

We are constantly being told how to live our lives by “experts”. Social media is filled with ways to eat, dress, work, love and for almost everything there is an expert telling you what you should do. Experts always look for some type of best practice or ideal situation for the “average person” who probably doesn’t exist. Even if these experts try to tailor their advice to each person it will only be superficial and will deny the true unique nature of every person. The average person or best practice approach is a form of programming that helps us all be the same and behave according to some external standard. Programming, in general, is very shaming and ineffective for everyone because it denies your unique person.

If you were learning from the best guru or expert they would give you some form of programming but it wouldn’t take advantage of your unique skills and abilities. Most experts approach teaching with two basic underlying messages. The first one is “if only you were more like me!” you would be better or achieve the result that you want. The second is “if you only were able to meet this external standard, best practice, accepted norm” you could achieve the result you want. Both of these messages are the definition of programming!

Common illusions about personal growth include:



If I follow the experts, I can’t go wrongPeople who follow the experts go wrong all the time
I can figure out (intellectually) how to grow and be betterPersonal growth happens as you remove the energy blocks in your way
If I just change my thinking, I will be betterYour bad thinking probably came from programing, more programing isn’t going to help
I know who I am and what is good for meWho you are is from programing not a true understanding of your nature so it becomes impossible to really know what’s good for you!

Where Is The Real Guru?

The most amazing guru ever created is inside you! It doesn’t charge by the hour, its services are completely free, it is available 24 hours 7 days a week, it never gets tired and as a source of guidance it is perfect . . . for you! It is the keeper of your talent, ability, power, and wisdom! It wants to give you total access but ironically it is covered up by cultural training and behaviors that treat you like a robot or machine. It is yours for asking but if often covered up and almost invisible. It is intangible and is by definition a subtle energy that can be accessed through intuition. There is a unique part of you that when you connect with it your greatest talents and abilities come forward.

Programming is a form of teaching that overrides your essence (soul). You become invisible and a blank canvas for the guru or expert to program and influence in the way that they think is best. By focusing on uncovering your essence, you are actually becoming your own guru. No guru could ever be better for you than your own essence.

You hold the key to unlocking your essence. We can show you the path but you have to walk it and do it on your own. Many people come to us asking us to be their guru but that comes from an expectation of being programmed. Our expertise is helping you overcome programming and allowing the natural, authentic parts of yourself to come forward. This authentic part of yourself has amazing potential to bring forward all your talents and abilities.

You’ve been receiving a unique set of clues and instructions that up to now have been invisible or so fuzzy that you haven’t been able to understand them. Your own internal guru has been active but you don’t know how to access the information.

In truth, it’s not about what the guru knows, it is about how you learn and listen to your own essence. Because we are trained to look outside ourselves, we look to others for strategies and techniques that don’t work.

Unlock Your Essence

We help you learn how to become your own guru. Our job is to help you figure out how to look within yourself, without some external guru overshadowing you.

Human beings have the capability to act and pretend and programming encourages acting and creating illusions about self. Strategies and techniques often teach us to act like we have achieved certain goals. It is because of our training to act that so many have no real idea of how to access those inner parts for their own benefit.

You cannot program yourself to become your own guru. You cannot fake going inward! But as you pursue this path you will feel the benefit but if you expect to be acknowledged in the world for your effort it is not going to happen, I’m sorry. Many people want to be acknowledged for their inner work but it sabotages the whole process. The need for validation comes from programing “did I do it right?”.

Do you want to access the greatest guru for you possible? Yourself! We have programs to help you access the path in authentic ways so you can get the best advice you’ve ever received!

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